Continental's First Solution Partner in Turkey Cruise Mobile

The ContiPressureCheck ™ system, which offers companies in the transport and logistics sector the ability to monitor tire pressure and tire temperatures of their vehicles, will be able to be reported instantly via Seyir Mobil. Thus, operating costs of fleets will decrease.

Continental's first solution in Turkey, the world's largest international tire partner and original equipment supplier, Mobile Cruise was one of Turkey's leading technology companies. With this collaboration, ContiPressureCheck ™, which instantly monitors tire pressure and temperature and informs the driver and fleet center, will facilitate the work of the fleets thanks to the reports provided by Seyir Mobil.

Continental's tire pressure monitoring system, the ContiPressureCheck ™, instantly and visually transfers the pressure and temperature differences in vehicle tires to the driver. The Navigation Mobile system, which is simultaneously stimulated with the driver, creates the reporting of this information and offers both instantaneous and historical review. With these notifications and reports, the fleets also prevent possible tire losses, associated accidents and unnecessary fuel consumption.

ContiPressureCheck™ Compatible with all Vehicles

Domestic capital, domestic R & D and Cruise Set among Turkey's most important technology company with domestic production of Mobile, serving its dealers and sales representatives in 81 provinces. The integration of ContiPressureCheck ™ with the integration of the R & D team of the 15-person R & D team in the Kocaeli informatics valley will make the integration of ContiPressureCheck ™ easy. With sensors mounted inside the tire and easily replaced with a new tire when the tire changes, the ContiPressureCheck ™ helps reduce operating costs, increasing fuel efficiency and eliminating the risk of tire-driven lanes. ContiPressureCheck ™ also helps companies in occupational health and safety by minimizing potential accident risks.

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