CANbus is the communication standard developed by Bosch for the automotive sector.

It provides communication between the brains and sensors on the vehicle.


Fleet Management System Content
 Seyir System
• Licensed Google Maps
• Installation and service in 81 citiesrı
• Installation and service in 81 cities
• 2-year server and subscription service (unlimited warranty for ongoing subscription)

Seyir Mobil offers all the details of the vehicle such as speed, odometer, fuel consumption, tank level, engine operating hours, engine speed in all compatible brands and models without any deviation from users.

Thanks to this information, your fleet management is more comprehensive and you can control your fuel costs and analyze the performance data of your drivers.

Reporting with CANbus

•  Vehicle Speed, Engine Speed
•  Average and Total Fuel Consumption
•  Engine Temperature, Fuel Level
•  Axle Weight, Engine Clock
• Total mileage, service distance

The above reports vary according to vehicle brands and models.

Fuel consumption and control can be controlled via SYRFM10.
In particular, the control of fuel consumption in vehicles with high tonnage provides significant fuel economy to enterprises.

Thanks to the fuel control, instant changes in the vehicle fuel tank can be controlled by the users.
Changes to the vehicle fuel tank level can be monitored by the users on the Seyir Mobil System.

Drive usage behaviors can be analyzed.
Many data information such as fuel consumption, accelerator position and speed ranges are analyzed on the system via SYR FM10.

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