Download from Digital Tachograph

Digital Tachograph Data Download is a system for downloading, storing and storing data on all commercial vehicles with more than 3.5 tons and buses with more than 9 seats (including drivers), over the vehicle or remote.

This system; it downloads the vehicle data in accordance with the European Agreement on the Work of Personnel Working on Vehicles Carrying International Road Transport (AETR) and the Road Transport Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Takograftan veri indirmek ne için gereklidir?
Dijital(Sayısal) takograf verilerinin kaydedilmesi ve arşivlenmesi için yapılan yasal düzenlemeler kapsamında, Ulaştırma Bakanlığı’nca yayımlanan “Karayolu Taşıma Yönetmeliği” ve 09.03.2017 tarihli “Sayısal Takograf” genelgesi ile araç sayısal takograf ünitelerinde kaydedilen verilerin en çok üç ayda bir ve sürücü kartlarında kaydedilen verilerin en çok 25 günde bir indirilip arşivlenmesi gerekmektedir.

The Digital Tachograph Data Downloading system is resolved in
2 different ways under Navigation Mobile.

• This is the first TAVİ (Local) device. When you download with our TAVİ (Local) device, you can connect our device to the compatible digital tachograph and download the tachograph data.

• The second is the Remote Digital Tachograph Data Download solution that is included with our existing vehicle tracking devices. This allows you to access and download the tachograph data of your vehicles via the Seyir Mobil System. Remote Digital Tachograph Data Download solution frees you from work load and saves time.


What gives you to download data from your digital tachograph?
• The legal requirement is fulfilled.
• Recovers possible tachographs from penalties.
• Allows driver analysis with stored tachograph and driver data.
• Keep track of your driver and vehicle data faster.
• Increases the efficiency of your fleet.
• Enables you to make effective logistics planning.

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