With the advantage of its experience in the transportation and logistics sector from the past, Mobile has added new solutions to its customers problems every day. With Navigation Mobile, make your industry a number.

Fleet Management System

Fleet management is a mandatory process involving the interaction of many factors. At first glance, fleet management can only be conceived as showing the position of a company fleet in real t...

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CANbus is the communication standard developed by Bosch for the automotive sector. It provides communication between the brains and sensors on the vehicle....

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Reporting Systems

Thanks to Reporting Systems, you can access information about your fleet based on run times, speed, odometer, contact and location with date details.

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Download from Digital Tachograph

Digital Tachograph Data Download is a system for downloading, storing and storing data on all commercial vehicles with more than 3.5 tons and buses with more than 9 seats (including drivers), over the vehicle or remot...

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Remaining Driving Time Calculation

The unpredictable data from the digital tachograph is shown in the dashboard of the truck, as well as on the Seyir Mobil System, which is accessible to the manager at the rear office....

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Mobile Hazardous Waste Handling

One of the current problems of rapidly growing cities is to control hazardous wastes. The Communiqué on the Transport of Wastes on the Road of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanizat...

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Mobile Camera Systems

Thanks to the special cameras installed in the vehicles, it provides real-time and historical monitoring of indoor and outdoor environments. At the same time, the vehicle tracking features to...

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Taximeter Integration

Thanks to the integration of Seyir Mobil with Alberen Taksimetre, you can follow the instant customer status. You can review your turnover movements connected to the meter, you can make timed...

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Mobileye Integration

Mobileye is an international company that develops Advanced Driving Support Systems (ADAS). The system has a high-resolution vision sensor, a 'eye' that faces the road and remains per...

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