Mobileye Integration

With Mobileye Integration, view the violations of your vehicles instantly and save them retrospective. More


Mobileye is an international company that develops Advanced Driving Support Systems (ADAS). The system has a high resolution vision sensor that is, an "eye" that looks at the road and stays constantly-awake. The system constantly "sees" and analyzes potentially dangerous situations and warns the driver of imminent dangers and allows time to driver to react and take action, but does not report this information.

Seyir Mobil is the first company to become a solution partner for companies with its Mobileye integration. It instantly notifies you of the violations of your vehicles from the system and stores them. Due to the reporting information, companies can see the locations where their drivers commit violations on the map and they can analyze vehicle performance and driver performances.


This system warns drivers so that they can react in time to possible accidents while driving. Due to the precaution it provides against accidents, it makes your fleet more economical by preventing the costs that may occur.


Due to its technology, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) helps avoid potential dangers. Thus, it reduces the risk of accidents for the drivers and allows to keep the damage that may occur in possible accident situations at a minimum.


Advanced Driving Support Systems (ADAS) can be easily integrated with Seyir Mobil. This integration allows you to view real-time alerts as well as data while driving.

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