PTO Control System

PTO Control System,
which helps you to control the systems of tipper and garbage transport vehicles,sectoral problem.

    PTO Control System Content

  • Dump Vehicles
    Since the system is activated, the driver is warned by the driver's audible and visual warning system on infrequent intervals. If the driver does not switch off the system, the driver will be warned at frequent intervals after 10 seconds when the vehicle reaches a speed of 10 km.

    Damper lifting and lowering system can be used in vehicles with CANbus.

  • Garbage Transportation Vehicles
    In garbage trucks, the driver starts to be warned at intervals with the audible and visual warning system as soon as the system is activated. When the vehicle reaches a speed of 5km, the driver will be warned frequently after 1 second, at the same time the system (PTO) is prevented from being activated and if it is open, it will be closed.

    PTO Control System can be used in vehicles with electric CANbus.
Technicial Specifications

PTO Control System




1 Adet


2 Positive - 2 Negative


2 Positive - 2 Negative


1 Piece


1 Piece

PTO Control System Content
  • PTO PTO Control System
  • Installation and Service in 81 Cities

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