Standard Vehicle Tracking System

Standard Vehicle Tracking System offers seamless tracking for you.

Benefits of the SYR ST10
  • 7/24 real-time and you can follow the history.
  • You can define speed limit, route and region.
  • Receive alarms about the situations you define.
  • You can observe the time and place where the tank lid is opened and closed.
  • You can create instant and historical reports about your tools and drivers.
Technicial Specifications

SYR ST10 (Standard Vehicle Tracking System)


65 x 78 x 24 mm


100 gr


16 mb (Max. 7100 Records)


Li-Ion 380 mA/h


9-36 VDC / max.36 VDC
70 mA (avarage)
200 mA (peak)
Over Current Protection
Over Voltage protection
Temperature Protection

GSM Antenna


GSM Modem

GSM Quad-Band 850 / 900/ 1800 / 1900 MHz
Class 4 (2W @850 / 900 MHz)
Class 1 (1W @1800 / 1900 MHz)
GPRS class 12
Mobil station class B
Coding scheme 1 to 4

GPS Antenna


GPS Modem

Channel:33 (Tracking)/99(Acquisition)
Doğruluk : <2.5m CEP


Bosch 3 Axis Acceleration and 3 Axis Gyroscope
Motion sensor
Simkart Response Sensor
Battery Voltage Detection

Input / Output

1 x Contact Input
1 x Digital Input (1xPositive)
1 x Engine Blockage (1xNegative)
1 x Driver Recognition Unit
1 x I2C

Led Indicators


Software update

Var (FOTA)

SYR ST10 System Content
  • SYR ST10 (Standard Vehicle Tracking System)
  • Navigation System
  • Licensed Google Maps
  • Installation and Service in 81 Cities
SYR ST10 product.syrst_system_title2
  • Internal Battery
  • Remote Update (FOTA)
  • Engine Blockage
  • Sim Card Response Alarm

Accessories and Optional Units

Driver Recognition Unit

With the ID cards given to the drivers, you can keep track of which vehicle, which driver, when, how long it has been used.

Door Sensor

Thanks to this sensor installed on the doors, you can follow the moment when the doors are opened and closed. Metal and magnetic are divided into two.

Engine Blocking Kit

Thanks to the Engine Blocking Kit, you can restrict the vehicle's mobility in a single command at unwanted moments.

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