Reporting Systems

Thanks to Reporting Systems, you can access information about your fleet based on run times, speed, odometer,

contact and location with date details.

Alarm and Violation Report

Alarm and violation reporting system; Intra-city, off-town, divided road as a separate speed violations, off-duty work, unnecessary idle with excessive shake, such as alarm conditions instantly informs the user and reports to the past.

Alarm and Violation Reports
• Contact Alarm Report
• Speed Alarm Report
• Cycle Report
• Motion Alarm Report
• Idle Alarm Report
• Zone Alarm Report
• Entry Alarm Report
• Exit Alarm Report
• Warehouse Level Alarm Report
• Stop Alarm Report
• Shake Alarm Report
• Battery Alarm Report
• Temperature Alarm Report

Runtime Reporting

Runtime reporting system; work and agricultural machinery, etc. on the time of work on the calculation of the progress payments in the regions defined in the defined system automatically counts how long they work.

Expedition and Tour Reporting

Expedition and tour reporting system; excavation, municipal bus, public transportation etc. such as the expedition and round-out calculations on the vehicles defined in the region defined by how many laps or defined in the region how many times the system performs automatic counting.

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