Remaining Driving Time Calculation

The unpredictable data from the digital tachograph is shown in the dashboard of the truck, as well as on the Seyir Mobil System, which is accessible to the manager at the rear office.

Remaining Ride Time Calculation guides you through the use of legally defined driving times. Access real-time driving times for all of your compatible digital tachographs. With the remaining Driving Times, you can immediately see which driver has sufficient driving time to perform the next delivery on time.

How does it work?

The digital tachograph data is stored in the internal memory and on the driver card. The internal memory stores data from the last 365 days of the vehicle. The data stored on the driver card must be downloaded every 25 days and the internal memory must be downloaded every 3 months. These data must be stored for inspection by the competent authorities.



The acquisition of the data can be done by means of our Digital Tachograph data download solutions, whether it is from the remote or the remote.

• You can keep track of drivers' driving and rest times on a daily and weekly basis.
• You can increase your productivity by accessing the information on how long your drivers are needed for daily and weekly rests and how long they need to be rested.
• You can easily see the maximum driving time of your drive and the remaining driving time for that day or week after each rest period.



Why do I need a Remaining Drive Time Calculator?

The remaining driving times of your drivers can be calculated manually based on the data obtained from the tachograph, but research has proven to be unavoidable, even in the best scenarios. With Mobile Mobile, Data Download from Digital Tachograph and Remaining Ride Time Calculation solutions, it does not include errors by processing uninterrupted data from the vehicle. The navigation increases the efficiency of your work with error-free data as well as saving you from workload.

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