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Seyir Mobil is a hundred percent domestic technology company that produces needs-oriented solutions in vehicle tracking and fleet management systems.

Seyir Mobil which is the Turkey's most innovative vehicle tracking and fleet management systems brand that produces end-to-end industrial solutions, today acts as a locomotive in the Turkish market with its own software.

In addition to standard and professional vehicle tracking, it offers solutions to its business partners such as CANbus integration, cold chain tracking with Bluetooth connection and trailer-tractor matching, remote and close data download from digital tachograph and remaining driving calculation.

In addition to CE and E-Mark certificates, Seyir Mobil, which has international ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 quality certifications, also has Domestic Goods Certificate and has proven its quality.

Seyir Mobil, which has a service network that spans 81 provinces of Turkey, solves the questions and problems of its business partners with uninterrupted, high quality and fast services. Seyir Mobil who reaches every point of Turkey, has found a place in the foreign market where it will be more active in the medium term due to recent breakthroughs.

Our Information Security Policy Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Our experiences from the past have become our company policies today.


In the field of vehicle tracking and fleet management systems; to our customers with our expert and reliable staff, to provide the highest quality and safe service, to increase the technology and production we use without leaving innovative and creative thinking.


In line with national and international norms, to fulfill the requirements and add innovations. Keeping customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust at a high level to be an institution that adopts a continuous principle.


Service and product quality in the areas we operate keep it at the maximum level. Our customers, business partners and To make our employees happy and trust, to make satisfaction permanent and to comply with legal responsibilities.


Trust, sincerity, giving importance to people and human values Our line, which provides customer satisfaction and aims at continuous improvement and change, is our most important values without giving up the principles of integrity.

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Be a Pioneer in Your Industry!

Seyir Mobil adds new solutions to the problems of its customers every day with the advantage of its past experience in the transportation and logistics sector. Be the pioneer of your industry with us.

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