Why Vehicle Tracking?

Many benefits of vehicle tracking systems and devices are mentioned. So what are the benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems? Why is it used so much?

You may want to know where your vehicles are, so you can have Vehicle Tracking Systems fitted to your vehicles. Thus, you can find out where your vehicles are, how many kilometers they are traveling at, and how much fuel they consume on average without even asking the driver. You are in control of all your vehicles as soon as you log into the Seyir Mobil system via your computer or smart phone.


Thanks to the information received, the benefits of vehicle tracking systems are increasing exponentially.

Since you can track the location of the vehicles instantly and record where they are at what time, vehicles cannot be used outside their purpose. Thus, vehicles do not go off their routes, are not used in vain without work and around 10% fuel savings are achieved.


You can reduce company expenses by saving fuel.

Thanks to this feature, you save not only fuel but also time, you can get maximum efficiency from your vehicles with the time saved.

The long-term benefit of the Vehicle Tracking System is very high.


Vehicle tracking systems can easily and quickly understand and report an adverse situation or malfunction in the vehicle, as it can resolve the vehicle's maintenance and malfunction.

In this way, accidents caused by the vehicle are prevented. Seyir Mobil system also notifies you of the maintenance times of your vehicles.


Since the average speed of your vehicles and the way the drivers use the vehicle are reported, you can detect errors caused by drivers and provide training accordingly.

In case vehicles are used outside of working hours, it can be detected directly when the vehicle is stolen and the vehicles can be found in a short time. Thus, it is a kind of security measure.


Vehicle Tracking Systems allows you to instantly track all the information it provides and provides you with, as well as retrospective review.

Thus, you can make long-term comparisons and comparisons, and see the effects of your decisions on you and your company.

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