FMS (CANbus) Integration

With CANbus integration, access all your reporting data without deviation More


CANbus provides communication between the brains and sensors on the vehicle. Seyir Mobil reads all the details of the vehicle such as speed, odometer, fuel consumption, tank level, engine operating hours, engine speed in all compatible brands and models and provides them to users without deviation. 

With this information, you can control your fuel costs and analyze the performance data of your drivers while your fleet management is more comprehensive.


The average and total fuel consumption of your vehicle can be easily controlled by means of Seyir Mobil with CANbus integration. Being able to control fuel consumption, provides significant fuel economy to businesses especially in high tonnage vehicles.


At the same time, many data information such as accelerator pedal position and speed ranges, engine temperature, total mileage and service distance depending on driver movements can be analyzed without deviation over the system with CANbus integration



With CANbus, you can access the following data without deviation*:

  • Vehicle Speed, Engine Speed
  • Average and Total Fuel Consumption
  • Engine Temperature, Fuel Level
  • Axle Weight, Engine Hours
  • Total Mileage, Service Distance

* These data vary according to vehicle brands and models.

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