Remaining Driving Time Calculation

Increase your efficiency with real-time Remaining Driving Tracking More


Seyir Mobil Remaining Drive Tracking, allows you to access real-time driving times generated by the tachograph on all your vehicles with compatible digital tachograph. It assists you to manage the legally determined daily and weekly driving and rest times of drivers in the best way.

Due to the driver card inserted in the digital tachograph, the daily and weekly driving rights created by the digital tachograph as well as the daily and weekly rest period, the weekly rest time data, can be obtained instantly with Seyir Mobil. Thus, you can prevent accidents caused by fatigue and ensure efficient use of driving times.


Calculations made manually with data obtained from tachograph, can prove inaccurate even in the best scenarios. Seyir Mobil does not include errors by processing uninterrupted data from the vehicle. You can instantly access real-time driving times through the system.


With the system, you can immediately see which driver has enough driving time to perform the next delivery. You can also track your driver's maximum driving time as well as daily and weekly driving times after the rest period.


The rest periods of your drivers are also under control with Seyir Mobil Remaining Driving Tracking. You can increase your productivity by finding out how much time is left to your drivers' daily and weekly rest, and how long these rests should be done.

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