Cold Chain Tracking with Bluetooth Connection

Eliminate cable excess between temperature sensor and device with Bluetooth technology, and safely track your Cold Chain More


With the Seyir Mobil Cold Chain Tracking System, you can easily monitor the changes in the temperature values of the products you transport in your refrigerated vehicles. Seyir Mobil warns you in critical temperature changes and ensures that necessary precautions are taken with its user-friendly interface that you can access from all devices that can connect to the Internet.


In addition, this system reports all temperature changes daily and monthly through graphics and statistics. According to these reports, you can monitor the operating performance of your vehicles and achieve operational efficiency in the long term.


You can avoid data loss in conventional wiring methods due to the Bluetooth technology used between the temperature sensor and the device.


Seyir Mobil temperature sensor, in order not to damage your products such as meat, fish, chicken, ice cream, milk, medicine; instantly sends messages to the people you define in the system in case of sudden and critical temperature changes.


You can follow up the temperature changes instantly as well as review them with daily and monthly reports. You can create the most accurate planning for your cold chain with these graphically and statistically prepared reports


In addition to conventional methods, the connection between the temperature sensor and the device is carried out by Bluetooth technology. In this way, you can prevent data loss and possible dangers caused by the damage of cables.

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