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Manage all your needs regarding your industry accurately and effectively with Seyir Mobil, Fleet Management System. More

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Seyir Mobil Fleet Management System offers you a full range of management services.

This system provides tracking of periodic maintenance, traffic fines, accident expenses, fuel receipts, breakdown and all other expenses of your vehicles; it reminds you ahead of time about periodic procedures such as inspection, insurance etc. that need to be renewed at certain times.

With the Seyir Mobil Fleet Management System, you save time and you can keep your maintenance, repair and penalty expenses under control without the need for additional costs and programs.

In addition, you can easily follow all dated transactions through the system such as driver training, driver's licenses, visa and passport.


Seyir Mobil Fleet Management System allows you to use your time in the most effective way. You can track all your vehicle expenses through the system whenever you want, whether on the web or on mobile.


Under the heading of "Fleet" on the Seyir Mobil system, you can control not only expenses but also driver training, insurance and inspection times, schedule calendars and create alarms for all dated transactions.


You can follow-up your expenses closely with driver definitions and penalty tracking. With the regular follow-up facility offered by Seyir Mobil, you can avoid fines and minimize possible accident risks.

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