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Journeys are much safer with Seyir Mobile's artificial intelligence-supported Smart Camera Solutions. More

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Your vehicles are much safer with smart camera systems that can be easily integrated into all your vehicle groups, including tow trucks, buses, school buses and taxis.

Seyir Mobil Smart Camera Solution, which records the operating hours of your vehicles, offers the opportunity to monitor all events that may occur during the journey. The system, which analyzes driver behaviors such as yawning, fatigue, seat belt use, phone use and smoking with the optional DSM and in-car imaging and recording with high recording capacity, offers maximum security in your operational activities.

Depending on your preference, the system offers "Online" options that allow instant remote viewing or "Offline" options that only record on the device.


Smart Camera System offers the opportunity to monitor and record in-car and road images with the camera. Accidents and negativities that may occur along the way are recorded. In this way, it allows you to take precautions against administrative fines.


The system detects driver behaviors such as looking around, yawning, eyes closed, smoking, talking on the phone, not wearing a seat belt with the DSM camera. When these behaviors occur, the system warns the driver and uploads the necessary alarm data to the control center.


Camera recordings are stored on an SD card with high storage space, preventing possible recording unit malfunctions in the vehicle. The device has the ability to operate even after the ignition is turned off.


It provides recording at every point of your vehicle with front-of-door imaging, which can be used in multi-door vehicles such as buses and minibuses. Maximize security by recording all kinds of incidents that may occur during passenger boarding and landing.

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