Trailer Matching with Bluetooth Connection

With Bluetooth technology, you can easily match Trailer-Truck! More


Matching transactions between truks and trailers in your fleet can sometimes turn into a long and complex process. The questions such "Which trailer is matched with which trucks?" or "Which trailers are available?" can be easily answered with Seyir Mobil. 

With the instant checks make over the system, you can view your trailer-truck matches whenever you want, and you can easily match your plates with the Bluetooth connection.


Without the need for a cable but only with a Bluetooth connection, you can perform the matching of the truck and trailer plates that you define on the system, thus, you can both save time and prevent all problems caused by cable excess.


In addition, you can see all your tractor-truck matches through the system with daily and monthly reports. Thus, you can examine your past movements in detail and achieve operational efficiency.

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