Downloading Data from Digital Tachograph

You can easily download your Digital Tachograph Data either remotely or manually in the vehicle with Seyir Mobil. More

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With our digital tachograph data download solutions that you choose in accordance with your fleet and budget, you can download the tachograph data as you desire.

Digital Tachograph Data Download system is resolved in 2 different ways under Seyir Mobil.

  • Download with TAVI (Local): You can download the tachograph data and easily transfer them to digital media by connecting the TAVI (local) device to your vehicle's compatible digital tachograph.
  • Remote Download: You can access and download the tachograph data of your vehicles included in our existing vehicle tracking devices through the Seyir Mobil System without the need of any additional software and hardware.

*Due to legal obligation, driver card data must be downloaded and archived every 28 days and digital tachograph data every 90 days.


By downloading your Digital Tachograph Data with Seyir Mobil, you both save time and avoid possible tachograph penalties as the legal obligation is fulfilled. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your fleet due to the effective logistics planning.


TAVI (Local) attached to the tachograph in the data download process, completes the data download process in a short time with company and driver cards. The data received is easily transferred to the computer environment with the USB cable included in the device package.


Remote Digital Tachograph Data Download solution performed over the internet with Seyir Mobil, saves you from workload and time. You can also track your driver and vehicle data online without downloading.

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