MoTAT (Mobile Hazardous Waste Transportation)

With Seyir Mobil MoTAT, the control of hazardous wastes are under control More


Seyir Mobil MoTAT System, accompanies hazardous waste carriers in the realization of waste control required by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in terms of environmental safety and cleanliness. The system instantly monitors the process from loading up to unloading hazardous wastes and provides reporting of monitoring data. In this way, you can monitor your mobile hazardous waste tracking at every point and control it continuously.


Seyir Mobil MoTAT system records all transactions on the tablet PC in cases where there is no internet connection and sends it to the system as soon as the connection is established. In this way, data loss to be experienced is prevented.


All waste requests made, are listed in detail in the "Transactions" menu. With this listing, the company representative can access the details of the past transactions through the system.


While the system is being used, all codes to be entered by the user, are controlled from within the tablet PC. For example, if the TDN code entered in the installation process is not suitable for the format and if it does not match the TKN, the user will receive an instant warning about this.

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